This darkly comic DV feature charts a young artist's tightrope walk between creativity and madness.

Twenty-five-year-old Alex (Jonathan Sutton) has been using his growing accomplishments as an actor to hide from his true dream of writing – he yearns to work alone, but fears the associated isolation and responsibility. His doubts are amplified by the fact that his late father – from whom Alex inherited both talent and a genetic disposition towards mental instability – ended his literary career by taking his own life. Encouraged by the mentorship of Michael, a subversive priest (Earl Pastko), Alex is determined to force a confrontation with his fear. He quits the lead role in a career-launching production of Hamlet, cutting off any financial security in order to push himself into his writing. In doing so, he inadvertently exchanges the portrayal of a character's madness for the reality of his own.

Hamlet's drama proceeds to unfold, complete with murder plots, Oedipal promptings, a father's ghost, an irresponsible mother (Marie Stillin), an imposing stepfather (Hiro Kanagawa), an alienated girlfriend (Laura Nordin), and an increasingly inescapable descent into delusion and mayhem - only outside of the imaginary world of the theatre, it is Alex's life that provides the setting . . .

God's Baboons is an exciting and innovative debut feature – a multi-layered, unpredictable story revealing complex characters through a raw, provocative style.


“A real talent with actors… very interesting cinematic ideas.” BRUCE SPANGLER, Writer / Director, Protection.


“Great consistency, wonderful acting, and a very strong and well written story.” RICHARD WOLFE, Artistic Director, A Western Theatre Conspiracy.


 “Wow … It is gripping and sticks to the ribs and it flows … The performances are excellent … Those moments are why I watch movies: surprise, unease, sudden terrifying turns that reveal truth.”

PETER NORMAN, co-author, Wild Clover Honey and the Beehive.